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  A Candid Cast of Tricksters

   It takes dozens of people to create the Candid Camera show – from lighting directors to file clerks; from makeup artists to tape editors. But viewers are often most curious about the folks in the field, the Candid Cast of Tricksters…

Linda came to Candid Camera in 1998 from Sacramento, where she earned her BA in journalism at California State University. After working in both radio and print, Linda fit right in with the Smile Squad. Viewers have seen her as a waitress wearing a germ mask, a cashier charging a “10 dollar in-store fee,” and a beautician cutting hair on both people and dogs. "My family and I grew up with Candid Camera," says Linda. "It's great to be part of its ongoing success."

Candid Camera’s resident magician, Ben brings his close-up skills to real life. A resident of Houston, he’s a two-time international champion of magic and among the youngest to ever win the World Magic Seminar’s Close-Up Competition in Las Vegas. Playing a bartender on Candid Camera, he produced drinks from thin air. As a clerk in a cleaning shop, he tricked customers into thinking they had “found” someone else’s credit card in their wallet.

A 10-year veteran on the Candid Camera staff, Brian has pulled off some of the best “Then & Now” sequences – dunking his donut in a stranger’s coffee, and doing his “shopping” from other people’s carts. He confounded folks in Chicago by strapping on the world’s largest backpack. A resident of Central California, Brian also serves as Candid Camera’s Production Coordinator.

Representing the third generation of Funts on Candid Camera, Danny follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Allen, and his dad, Peter. In a California gag, Danny confounded people with fake abbreviations in text messages. In New York, he persuaded people to sign recall petitions for fictitious politicians. A graduate of Georgetown, Danny is working on his master's in journalism at Columbia.

An actress, singer, cellist and juggler, Amanda does it all, which comes in handy for her varied roles on Candid Camera. Whether she’s selling apples with dozens of stickers, or promoting the world’s first “un-tanning machine,” she has an infectious smile. Amanda received her degree in Theater Arts and English at Concordia College in Minnesota.

Just two months after graduating from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, where she starred in numerous stage productions, Katie joined Candid Camera. For her first assignment she played a waitress serving meals that were “all foam.” Then she went to work as a cashier who demanded “three forms of picture ID.” A Candid Camera natural, Peter’s niece Katie is carrying on the family tradition of making people smile.

Experienced in TV, film and theater, Leeann enjoys utilizing her improv skills on Candid Camera. She played a realtor with a “no-bathroom apartment,” and she was a clerk at a cleaning shop that not only shrank the clothing but also the money in the pockets! An accomplished pianist, Leeann also enjoys tennis and horseback riding at her home in Arizona.

Walking too fast? B.J. played a cop who’d ticket you for going over the 2 MPH limit. Waiting for a letter? B.J. played a mailman whose route was serviced by drones. An Arizona-based actor, B.J. studied with Leeann Dearing and her husband, Matthew. B.J. enjoys weightlifting, hiking, cycling and fishing - and making us all smile.



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