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      Got an idea for Candid Camera? It's almost impossible not to! Each day we all experience life's little frustrations, and often these provide the basis for a good Candid Camera sequence.

  We'll pay a cash prize for the best ideas received. Runner up ideas receive Candid Camera merchandise.

    Ideas are accepted by e-mail or U.S. mail, but only one submission will be accepted from each viewer each week. Write: Candid Camera, Box 827, Monterey, California 93942. To send us an e-mail Click Here.

    Keep it simple. The best ideas are those that can easily be expressed in a sentence or two. For example, a viewer in San Diego, California, once wrote: "Why don't you deliver flowers to someone, but send them C.O.D." It turned out to be a wonderful sequence.

    Of course, don't bother telling us to catch your brother or your boss. Our show doesn't work that way. We're looking for ideas that will work on anyone who happens to come along, or, as Peter likes to say: "The next person who walks through that door."

    Remember, Candid Camera has done thousands of gags over the years, so we can't credit you if your idea is not original to us. And please — don't send us ideas that you've seen on television sitcoms or other shows. We want your own original thinking.

    And, it helps to type. If you must write by hand, please do it clearly. Use postcards please!

    In order to win a prize, submissions must include the sender's name, mailing address and phone number.

    Please do not send e-mails with attachments or downloads. For security reasons, such e-mails are deleted and are not read.

    All submissions become the property of Candid Camera, and materials sent to us will not be returned. Good luck!


Candid Camera  •  PO Box 827  •  Monterey, CA 93942