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Candid Camera: Fooling The Senses
(DVD/VHS) - $129.95

    Created by the current Candid Camera staff, these five sequences demonstrate the remarkable ways the five main senses can be tricked and misdirected.

  1. "Wine Tasting" - Subjects are asked to sample and evaluate wine in four different glasses. What they don't know is that the wine has all been poured from the same bottle. Visual cues - such as the placement of four different bottles nearby - create top-down reasoning by which the subjects all insist there are dramatic taste differences.
  2. "Seeing Isn't Believing" - Subjects give a man directions but fail to notice that his clothing changes as they speak. The sequence uses identical twins to create the illusion. Subjects become so focused on giving proper directions that they fail to perceive obvious visual changes.
  3. "No Smell" - Subjects in a store are asked to evaluate a new perfume. They don't know that the perfume bottle has been sterilized and contains only water. Some volunteer scents ("rose," "lemon," etc.); others accept verbal cues and become certain that they smell whatever is suggested.
  4. "Facial Feeling" - Subjects speak with a woman who gestures as if to suggest they have something on their faces. The more she gestures - without saying a word - the more certain they become that they feel something on their faces.
  5. "Hearing in Two Languages" - Subjects are translating a conversation between two women, from English to Spanish and back. Gradually, both women begin speaking only English. Yet, the subjects continue to "translate" - never realizing that they are translating English to English.

NOTE: Use of this content is restricted to educational lectures and classroom use. Other uses such as corporate and commercial, require a license from Candid Camera, Inc. For licensing information contact: Candid Camera, P.O. Box 827, Monterey, CA. 93942.

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