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Green Kid Tolerance Project

    "The Green Kid" project grew out of Peter Funt's interest in further expanding Candid Camera's reach and impact among educators and students. Conversations with youngsters have long been a popular element of the Candid Camera show, and this project proved to be both entertaining and educational.

    The project began in 2003 with a Candid Camera broadcast in which Peter Funt questioned youngsters - using hidden camera and microphone - about a new student who was to join their class: a boy with green skin. Since then, tapes of the segment have been supplied to educators across the U.S., and teachers are reporting remarkable results.

    "We had no idea what we were getting into," explains Peter. "Thousands of schools are using our material to stimulate classroom discussion about tolerance. The tapes are being used at all grade levels, including college."

    "The kids were mesmerized by the video," says Kelly Hutcheson, a teacher at Naples Park Elementary School in Florida. "They could really relate with what the students were saying. I saw an immediate impact on how they treated each other afterwards."

    "As educators, we deal with peer pressure and discrimination on a much-too frequent basis," notes social studies teacher Debra J. Crossett at the Frankfort-Schuyler School District in New York. "However, it seems that no matter how prejudiced or troubled adolescents may be, they all identify with and are touched by little ones."

    "I've spoken with thousands of kids for our shows," adds Peter, "but this particular piece really hits a nerve. It is especially gratifying at a time when most TV - particularly in the 'reality' field - contributes so little to our social awareness, that Candid Camera was able to achieve such success with 'The Green Kid.'"

Educators wishing to receive a DVD copy of the "Green Kid" material for classroom use are urged to send a check or money order for $14.95 to: Candid Camera, Box 827, Monterey CA 93942. Each order should specify the grade level(s) and uses for the material. (Note: Due to a higher demand for DVD format, we are no longer producing VHS copies.)

Or, Click here to order online.

Candid Camera  •  PO Box 827  •  Monterey, CA 93942