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There's still a bit of "Chrissy" in Suzanne Somers. But, the delightful daffiness viewers loved in the 1970's sitcom, Three's Company, has some new dimensions. In recent years, she's become a nightclub performer, best-selling author, and businesswoman.
    And, to the delight of her many fans, Suzanne was partnered with Peter Funt as host of the CBS-TV hit Candid Camera.
    On Candid Camera, Suzanne loved her opportunities to surprise people "when they least expect it." In Chicago, for example, she turned up behind the information desk at the Sears Tower—with no information whatsoever! In Milwaukee, she trick-or-treated—five months before Halloween! And, In Palm Beach, Florida, she confounded motorists behind her car with hand signals no one had ever seen!
    Suzanne's Candid Camera wardrobe was designed and sewn by her stepdaughter, Leslie Hamel.
    Suzanne's many TV credits include the sitcom Step by Step, the mini-series Hollywood Wives, and her talk program, The Suzanne Somers Show.

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