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Candid Camera

1947 Candid Microphone debuts on radio.
Truman is president; a First Class stamp costs 3 cents.
1948 Candid Microphone debuts on ABC Television.
Columbia releases “Candid Mike” shorts in theaters.
Gandhi is assassinated; Polaroid camera is invented.
1949 Candid Camera premieres on NBC (May 29).
Dow Jones Index reaches 200.
1951 Candid Camera is produced for syndication.
Color TV is introduced; U.S. builds first nuclear plant.
1952 Allen Funt authors “Eavesdropper at Large” book.
Jonas E. Salk develops polio vaccine.
1958 Candid Camera becomes regular feature on NBC’s Tonight Show.
Eisenhower is in his second term as president.
1959 Candid Camera becomes weekly feature on CBS’s Garry Moore Show.
Alaska and Hawaii become states; Castro controls Cuba.
1960 Candid Camera debuts as weekly CBS series (October).
Kennedy is elected; First Class stamp jumps to 4 cents.
1963 Allen Funt authors “Candid Kids” book.
Kennedy is assassinated; the Beatles take Britain by storm.
1970 First Candid movie, “What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?” is released in theaters.
U.S. invades Cambodia; a First Class stamp costs 6 cents.
1972 Candid film “Money Talks” is released.
Burglars hit Watergate Hotel; HBO is launched on cable.
1974 Candid Camera begins weekly syndication run.
Nixon resigns; Ford is president; Patty Hearst is kidnapped.
1976 Laughter Therapy, Candid Camera’s non-profit foundation, begins.
Carter is president; Alex Haley publishes “Roots.”
1980 Candid Camera begins adult series on HBO.
Reagan is elected; John Lennon is murdered.
1987 First of Candid Camera specials runs on CBS; Peter Funt joins Allen Funt as host.
Iran-Contra scandal unfolds.
1991 King World produces one season of Candid Camera.
Boris Yeltsin elected in Russia.
1996 Candid Camera produces hit “50th Anniversary” on CBS.
Global warming reaches record high.
1998 Candid Camera begins weekly CBS run with Peter Funt and Suzanne Somers.
Clinton is impeached; Frank Sinatra dies at 82.
1999 Allen Funt dies at 84.
Internet users reach 150 million worldwide.
2001 Candid Camera begins weekly PAX series with Dina Eastwood joining Peter Funt.
Attacks on 9/11 stun the world.
2003 Peter Funt’s Candid “Green Kid” videos reach 1,000 U.S. schools for tolerance studies.
Baghdad falls to U.S. troops.
2005 Rhino Home Video releases first Candid Camera DVDs.
Hurricane Katrina devastates Gulf Coast.
2006 Rhino expands Candid Camera releases.
A First Class stamp soars to 39 cents, making the Candid Camera DVDs a real bargain.
2011 Peter Funt launches speaking tour.
President Obama campaigns for a second term.
2013 Candid Camera celebrates its 65th birthday.
A first class stamp is 46 cents.
2014 Candid Camera comes to TV Land.
A new sequence features mail delivered by drone!

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